Yoga is a much broader practice than most realize. It’s actually a WHOLE lifestyle, not just exercise. But some of the most well known components are: Physical poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), turning your attention inward (pratyhara), mindfulness and focus (dharana), and meditation and observation (dhyana).

Research has found that yoga (mainly the poses, breathing, and mindfulness) can:
-improve mood
-reduce anxiety
-reduce depression
-regulate the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight response)

And then there are also the physical benefits. Yoga can:
-Improve balance
-Increase coordination
-Increase strength
-Improve flexibility
-Boost immunity

Research in ADHD kids has also found that it can improve executive function, though more research is needed, and research on ADHD adults is MUCH NEEDED (as always).

I know this: Yoga is good for you. And when I reflect on my pre-ADHD diagnosis life, I know that my mood, focus, and energy was highly correlated with how often I was practicing yoga.

I hope you have the same experience.