I aim to teach ADHDers that peace is possible, and to empower them to take care of themselves through movement, breath, and the occasional f-bomb 💣

This place is for all the scattered messes out there who are JUST keeping their heads above water. Who slept in, lost their keys, made coffee and left it on the counter, forgot deodorant, and fell down an internet rabbit hole. This is a place to embrace who you are, to learn new skills and practice old ones; to energize your body and stimulate your mind, and to remember: You are not alone. That is the power of yoga. And if you have your act together, you are wholeheartedly welcome here too. You are all valued.

Welcome, you beautiful disaster, you. Now get your ass in class!

ADHD Yoga Membership

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As of June 2023, I will offer only one membership level.

Classes designed around relatable ADHD themes.
Three styles of yoga for all skill and energy levels.
ADHD-friendly supports, so you can show up as your lovely self!

$15 CAD

Drop in for a Live Class or Body Double Session

A single payment to access that day's Zoom class/session link.
- Sign up on the same day (within 24 hours of the class start time).
- Click here to check the schedule.
$37.97/month CAD

Stream All Recorded Classes and Attend All Live Classes

A monthly recurring payment for library access and all member benefits.
- Access to a library of 200+ classes, mindfulness practices, and tutorials.
- Live New Moon and Full Moon classes monthly.
- Live weekly Journaling classes.
- Exclusive Slack community for resources and support.